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Service & Maintenance

Eagle Air Conditioning provides clients with efficient, fast and professional air conditioning servicing and repair.

All our air conditioning installations come with optional service agreements; where our team of professionals will maintain the installed air conditioner to the very highest of professional standards.
A properly maintained air conditioning system is particularly important in premises where absolute hygiene is a requirement like medical centres and manufacturing plants.

Maintaining an air conditioner is vitally important and is proven to extend the overall lifespan of the air conditioning system. As such, regular maintenance can save property owners money in the long term.
To ensure that an air condition system is running at optimum efficiency, it’s highly recommended that the system is regularly serviced.

Service & Maintenance

To have your air condition system serviced or repaired, get in contact with Eagle Air Conditioning today.

What Can Go Wrong With Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are complex systems, composed of a range of mechanical systems that need to work in harmony to ensure optimum efficiency. Air conditioners are designed to the size of a building and as such are made to handle a certain “Load”.
Air conditioners are built with a defined amount of refrigerant “Charge” and to have a certain amount of airflow across the coils.
When these systems are out of sync or one is malfunctioning, your air conditioner may need to be repaired or undergo maintenance.

Some obvious signs that your air conditioner needs to be inspected by a registered professional:

Lower performance and higher energy bills
A mouldy, unpleasant odour emanating from the system
Loud or bumpy airflow sounds when the system is turned on
Dirt streaks or what’s often call conditioning grills around the system
Persistent power failures

If you are having any of the above issues with your air conditioning system, get in contact with Eagle Air Conditioning today.

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